october 25-27, 2017

Lafayette, louisiana

Bandeau Vertech competition 2017.png


The 5th VERTECH Conference on renewable energy and green chemistry, following the past VERTECH conferences in Belgium (2016), Canada (2014), France (2013) and Louisiana (2012), is an initiative of the VERTECH network, which is an international association of medium-sized cities wishing to share their experiences between representatives of local and regional governments, universities and other research institutions, and companies specialized in the sector of energy. With their key players in economic, industrial and institutional sectors, these cities share their visions, ideas and projects for sustainable development.

The 2017 Vertech Green Energy Conference will be embedded within the alternative energy component of the Louisiana Energy Research and Development Forum, in collaboration and in parallel with the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition (LAGCOE 2017)

The forum purpose is to present a global view of the state of the art for energy technology research and development efforts using a formal presentation format embedded within a world-class petroleum technology exposition, LAGCOE 2017. By combining the forum with LAGCOE 2017, the two meetings will integrate the research and technology user communities within a well-organized technical setting to stimulate open dialogue and catalyze potential collaborations. For the researcher, LAGCOE 2017 provides a strong view of equipment and methods currently being used for energy resource development, process safety, and chemical management. This combined meeting opportunity represents a rare event when energy technology users and developers can meet and converse within a backdrop of a tremendous number of hands-on equipment displays. Within the Forum, all forms of energy (petroleum & alternative energy) will be of great interest to the attendees and presenters. Participants will come from universities, industry, investors, and government entities (speakers and attendees from the US and many other countries will be attending).

The Louisiana Energy Research and Development Forum will feature over 50 technical presentations from energy experts from all over the globe. The format for the forum will be two concurrent technical sessions - one focusing on petroleum resource development and the other focusing on alternative energy resource development. The presentations will be 25 minutes in length with a 5-minute question and answer period immediately following the presentation. Note that PowerPoint will be the presentation format using English as the required PowerPoint slide language. For the actual verbal presentation (stand-up speaking), English will be the primary language; however, limited translation capability will be available for Spanish and French speaking presenters.

Example Forum Topical Areas of Interest will include R&D efforts in the areas of oil & gas exploration; drilling methods; reservoir characterization; data management; enhanced oil recovery; product transportation; product conversion processes; catalysis; sensor development; well development; policy studies; biofuels; wind energy; solar power; hydropower; co-product development; waste management; energy storage; cybersecurity; IOT applications; R&D program opportunities; resource management assessments; process intensification; product purification methods; and process safety.

A VERTECH Student Design Competition will also be held and focus on all human support systems and how to make them “greener” (such as city support functions, industries, remote human stations, etc.). More info here   (link to the student competition page) 

Cost to attend LAGCOE 2017 and the Louisiana Energy Research and Development Forum is free (no admission charges, but the attendees do need to register with LAGCOE).  There are no costs associated with presenting technical papers at the Louisiana Energy Research and Development Forum.  Travel and lodging must be covered by the attendees. 

Interested in Being a Presenter? Then please contact via email the Forum Director: Dr. Mark E. Zappi, PE at the University of Louisiana at zappi@louisiana.edu.